Executive Team

Patricia Demetriou

President/Founder (Interim Executive Director)

Jim Martin


Sehrish Rider

Program Director

Charlina Hoswell

Administrative Assistant

Brenda McBride

Accounting Assistant

Alisha Montgomery

Program Assistant

Life Skill Instructors

Camille M. Francis

Founder & CEO Chameleon Entertainment

Home of “Power ON” Events

Vocational Instructor & Trainer

Arise Curriculum Certified 

LSE Partnership of the Year 2017 

DeAndre Nixon

Founder and President, and Editor in Chief of iN Education's e-magazine Zealousness

Sona Nixon

Life Skills Instructor - Cleveland

Doug Todd

Financial Literacy Instructor

Tammi Griffin


Life Skills Instructor

Licensed Financial/Retirement PlannerFinancial Literacy Coach
Forex Trader

JD Johnson

Certified ARISE Life Skills Instructor