I Can Lead


Coaching Leaders of the 21st Century

One of the most prevalent visions in schools today is to bring up students who possess 21st century skills. Teachers and administrators alkike want their students to come out of high school with skills that will directly benefit them in "the real world". 

The "I Can Lead" program gives students an opportunity to harness one of these 21st century skills in the area of leadership. This course exposes students to executive coaching skills utilizing the Sherpa philosophy. There are four main objectives for this course.

  • Preparing youth to succeed in the classroom and their careers.
  • Create an awareness and the ability to apply leadership coaching in school/work environments to increase effective communication skills.
  • Give students the opportunity to recognize their weaknesses and how to build them into strengths.
  • Build self-confidence and maximize leadership presence in any environment.

I Can Lead Promo Video

Coach DeCoffette Ward, CSC Certified Executive Coach