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We aim to address the connection between family and learning. Through our parent education workshops, along with parent/teacher activities, family resources and support for learning at home. We help to ensure a positive connection. Based on curriculum used and talking to many administrators doing previous after school programs and according to the Ohio Department of Education Raising School Outcomes. LifeSmart Education has created a series of family engagement activities to help improve overall school learning and reinforce positive outcomes.

Our family engagement program connects parental services and education classes to student programs. We help to bring schools and family learning inside and outside the student’s school classroom.

Every parent of a child who participates in LifeSmart’s programs is eligible for the following family services and workshops.

Education First – Getting back to the basics focuses on education first as a key to success. We are your school liaison to ensure parents are connected to school life, i.e. school updates, reminders, testing requirements and much more. Additionally, we work with translators to make sure communication between school and family are well connected.

Health Homes – Learn about healthy eating habits such as, power foods, tips for shopping, recipes and exercise. This workshop is in partnership with Local Matters

Power ON Tech – Enhances parental knowledge about the most recent technology and apps i.e., social media for parents, online educational research training, career pathways and basic computer skills 

Parent/guardian Life Skills – Human trafficking education, pregnancy prevention, safety, critical thinking

Our family engagement programs are tailor-made to achieve specific results with targeted populations. We work with your school administration to target specific outcomes for families and students.

We strive to connect your school’s needs to the services we provide. 

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