ARISE-Evidence Based Curriculum


One of our main curriculum is the  award-winning, evidence based ARISE curriculum.  For more than 25 years, ARISE has operated as a developer and publisher of life-skills curricula and staff training programs.  Designed originally to reach at-risk incarcerated youth in detention centers and secure facilities, ARISE is also used as a powerful prevention tool for teenagers and young adults.  ARISE is particularly appropriate for youth with special requirements and limited reading and/or writing ability.  It has been successfully used for over 25 years in the Miami-Dade school system and in over 100 Washington D.C. schools, organizations and secure facilities.  ARISE is also being used across the United States in Canada, Jamaica, England, Australia, Bahamas, Bermuda, New Zealand, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bosnia, Kazakhstan, Kingdom of Bahrain and Central Asia and more.

Our ARISE curricula teaches cognitive, behavioral skill development that is designed to provide students with skills that will assist them in changing their outlook on life.  Using our curricula coupled with domestic and international travel, we offer students a unique learning opportunity in the landscape of Global Education, however setting the foundation for this learning through life skill learning. 

ARISE provides young men and women with the tools they need to survive, succeed, and become super-productive members of society. Educating and motivating young adults by equipping them with practical information they can use every single day of their lives. Helping youth achieve their highest potential by enriching their own lives and those they interact with. To learn more about the life skills we teach through ARISE, click the link below.

What's Different About ARISE?

  • Lessons are fun and interactive, never boring
  • No one sits quietly on the sidelines because the learners are involved in activities
  • Students learn from each other with activities that are engaging such as role-playing, brainstorming and group discussion
  • Workbook pages are easy to read but the intellectual level of discussion is much higher
  • Each lesson is self-contained and not dependent on previously learned material

Life Skills Instructors

All course instructors are certified ARISE Master Life Skills Instructors with prior teaching credentials in their respective course areas, e.g. finance, youth, health, career development, etc.

ARISE- Evidence Based Study