Reading Mentors Program

We use the Reading A-Z program to help assist schools with additional resources to help increase student reading achievement.

Life Skill Programs

ARISE Life Skills


The most important skills in life we learn is the ability to navigate social-emotional learning. Our ARISE life skill courses teach Character Development, Interpersonal Soft Skills/Social Skills, and Functional Life Skills.

I Can Lead


The "I Can Lead" program gives students an opportunity to harness 21st century skills in the area of leadership. 

Global Girl Media


Empowers high school girls through media, leadership and journalistic training to have a voice in global media and their own futures.



This program provides technical opportunities for youth to be qualified for competitive tech jobs after graduation.

Anti-Bullying Puppet Shows


Geared towards preschool-third graders, this fun and entertaining show helps to educate children about bullying behavior and positive friendship social skills.

National & International Tours


Travel is the best way to education youth about the world. We are committed to broadening our students' national and global perspective. 

Through our national and international educational tours, we aim to give youth knowledge through travel experiences.